Technicians needed

Andrew is looking for one or two people, to train to operate lights and sound for the shows.

No previous experience is necessary, and you don’t need any technical knowledge, as full training will be given, what you do need is to be able to climb the short vertical ladder to the gallery, and once up there you need to be able to sit for a couple of hours, but it’s fairly comfortable up there. 

Duties include: assisting with get-ins, powering up the equipment, pre-show tests, operating lights and sound for the shows, post show shutdown, assisting with get-out.

There is also the possibility to program the computer, entering the cues, loading the sounds and so on, but this will normally be done in advance for you.

If you would like an initial ’tour’, email and we’ll organise a walk-through.

Preference given to existing volunteers, for insurance purposes we can only allow over 16s in to the gallery.

Thank you.