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Oct 14
Paradise Lost (How we did it the first time!)’

14th October 2023 - 7.30pm

Milton’s Classic, re-imagined for a modern day audience.

Written by Ian Sharp with original music by Tim Sutton. 

Performed by A Certain Demographic (‘Conchies!’ - Edinburgh Fringe, 2018)

Adapted for the stage by Ian Sharp with songs by Tim Sutton, this unique and captivating production brings Milton’s famous poem to life for contemporary audiences. The play is a 21st century, often comic, take on the old story of Adam, Eve and Lucifer. Prepare to have your illusions shattered, with Adam, Eve, and Satan as you’ve never seen them before in this playful reimagining of one of our greatest literary classics. Milton's themes are now more relevant than ever as climate change threatens our technological paradise. Adam and Eve lost Paradise; are we about to do the same?

Reactions to Summer tour of outdoor venues  in 2022

‘It is bang up to date here, when Bonny Ambrose’s striding Lucifer becomes a sleazy striped-jacket lifestyle salesman offering “everything from mojitos to medium-range nuclear missiles”, and tempts Claire Cheetham’s Eve with an electric hedge-trimmer… In short, from 1667 to 2022, the old story echoes as it should.’

‘An intelligent and relevant reworking of this classic piece with strong performances from a talented cast and some excellently sung musical numbers. Thoroughly enjoyable!’

  • Gill Vickers, former Arts Development Officer for North Lincs.

Congratulations on your shows at Thorington Theatre yesterday - what a wonderful performance and innovative interpretation; everyone enjoyed the show so much; there were a lot of positive comments and smiling faces as people departed.  Congratulations!’                                                                                       

-     Lindy O’Hare, owner of Thorington Outdoor Theatre (England’s premier outdoor theatre), Suffolk. Performed in June 2022

‘As far as I am aware, this is the first time Milton’s great classic has been brought to life on stage making a direct link between Milton’s world and our own today. 

I’d like to think I’ve preserved the spirit of the original but at the same time made it accessible for a contemporary audience. It’s the oldest story in the world and it’s been great to see people gripped by it as much as by any modern-day soap opera. It’s fun but with a serious edge.                                                                                                    –     Ian Sharp, Writer

Words by John Milton & Ian Sharp, music by Tim Sutton, performed by A Certain Demographic (of ‘Conchies!’ fame).
Tickets £12. / £11. (over 65 and under 18).

Suitable for ages 12+

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December 2nd seems a LONG way away, but due to the total sellout last year, Stringfever are going to do a matinee at 3pm as well as their 7:30pm show. But don't delay, both shows are sure to be a sellout.