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Sep 02 2023
Running From Paradise

written and directed by Tobias Nicholls Having spent her adult life running away, adopting new identities, and rewriting her own history, Larissa Bell is finally happy and ready to settle down. But when it comes to your past you can run, but you can’t hide – shared secrets, and the sudden appearance of a familiar […]

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Oct 16 2022
Murder at the Broadbent

PURPLE DREAMS PRODUCTIONS present MURDER AT BROADBENT THEATREwritten and directed by Tobias NichollsStarring Amy Power, Tobias Nicholls, Emily Prince and Liam Mandy There’s a killer in the cast!  Comedy turns to tragedy as a murderer reveals themselves… but who will be their first victim?’Lights come up to find a body covered by a bloodied sheet, but […]

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Mar 14 2021
Love Games

Saturday 14th March 2021Written and directed by Tobias Nicholls When Isaac Williams set off to catch his usual bus, little did he realise that he’d meet the most important people of his life… quickly falling for kind-hearted Sophie, he finds himself fighting for her affection with rival suitor Chris.It’s not until Sophie’s feisty friend Zoe […]

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Jun 01 2019

1st June 2019 written and directed by Tobias Nicholls Set in, and around a cake shop, everyone must decide what their heart truly wants…lemon meringue or chocolate fudge!A case of mistaken identity turns lives upside down –Hearts will flutter, and tears will roll as this comedy tests relationships –and not everyone will make it to […]

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