Running From Paradise

2nd September 2023 7:30pm - PURPLE DREAMS PRODUCTIONS

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written and directed by Tobias Nicholls

Having spent her adult life running away, adopting new identities, and rewriting her own history, Larissa Bell is finally happy and ready to settle down.

But when it comes to your past you can run, but you can’t hide – shared secrets, and the sudden appearance of a familiar face, threaten not just her happiness, but her life itself.

With minimal set, this play will utilise light and sound to weave the plot through flashbacks, fantasies and even a play within a play – navigating us through Larissa’s fractured reality.

Whilst this will be the group’s first ever all-female cast, it will be Purple Dreams’ tenth touring production, and their eighth visit to one of their favourite venues – Broadbent Theatre! 

Since 2018, we’ve brought you comedies such as The Last Crumb and Love Games, alongside the whodunit The Empty Stage and psychological drama Murder at Broadbent Theatre – we hope you’ll join as again for our latest adventure!

This is a brand-new production and will be just the second performance of this theatrical, dramatic and mind-bending story. Please visit the ‘Running from Paradise’ page at to leave your thoughts, ask any questions or maybe even learn some secrets!

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