Nov 02 2019
Sue Hodge

2nd November 2019 Celebrating 25 years of Comedy Gold Sue Hodge`s hilarious celebration of the hit BBCTV series!Join pint-sized pocket firework and heroine of the Frenchray-zist-ance, Mimi Labonq for a hilarious musical celebration of the hit TV series and stage show.`Allo `Allo remains a worldwide smash hit in 93 countries with previous viewing figures topping […]

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Oct 25 2019

25th October 2019 A haunting, paranormal force has gripped the town. The young Lucy Westenra is taken ill and psychiatrist Dr. Seaward calls on his teacher Professor Van Helsing to discuss her symptoms. The Professor has a perplexing diagnosis – Lucy carries all the symptoms of a vampire’s latest victim. So begins a frenzied stab […]

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Oct 10 through to Oct 12 2019
The Miser

Lindsey Rural Players Harpagon, the tyrannical father of Cléante and Élise Harpagon is a sexagenarian bourgeois miser whose love for his cash box exceeds that of his children. He builds his wealth by lending at usurious rate while pinching every penny at home, refusing to replace the worn-out clothes of the servants he abuses. The sexagenarian […]

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Sep 07 2019
Cohen, Baez and Dylan

7th September 2019 Saskia Griffiths-Moore and Keith James present the Music of Leonard Cohen, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan

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Jul 14 2019

Conchies is a play which tells the story of the founders of the LRP who came here as conscientious objectors during World War 2. This play is to celebrate the Centenary of Donald Sutherland the last survivor of this group. All previous productions of this play have been sold out, so do not miss this opportunity see this play.

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Jun 15 2019
Take 7

15th June 2019 “TAKE SEVEN” is a production which celebrates the art of storytelling. If you are a fan of people-watching you will enjoy peeking into the lives of the characters which appear on stage and reveal to you their secrets, their hopes and fears. They will share with you the silly things that have […]

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Jun 01 2019

1st June 2019 written and directed by Tobias Nicholls Set in, and around a cake shop, everyone must decide what their heart truly wants…lemon meringue or chocolate fudge!A case of mistaken identity turns lives upside down –Hearts will flutter, and tears will roll as this comedy tests relationships –and not everyone will make it to […]

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May 10 2019

10th May 2019Tender poignancy and comic touches of sheer brilliance abound in this hugely acclaimed comic ode to death and friendship from the highly innovative Tangram Theatre. Full of ‘magnificently clever’ (The Guardian) comedy-theatre and threaded through with exquisite live music, this outlandish story of how one man gave his terminally ill best friend the […]

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