Jun 18 2022

An Absurdist Comedy by Rebekah HardyDirected by John Hewer and Rebekah Hardy Meet Wendy, a humble bin collector living in any normal mid-terrace in any normal suburb of any normal town. She has eyes for her neighbour Brian but who actually is he? He goes out at all hours, lives alone and is always immaculately […]

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Jun 10 2022
Kemps Jig

“And let those that play your clowns speak no more than is set down” In 1600 Kemp, the most famous comic actor of his generation, and William Shakespeare, arguably the most famous playwright in history had an argument. Shakespeare stayed in London, writing the plays still renowned the world over. Kemp embarked on a bizarre […]

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May 26 through to May 28 2022
Ladies Day

Work, love and life are just one long, hard slog for the fish-filleting foursome Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda. But their fortunes are set to change when Linda finds tickets to Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot.

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May 21 2022
Three Men in a Boat

After the huge success of Old Herbaceous, Kick In The Head productions are back with a rip roaring barrel of fun, Three Men in a Boat, with Giles Shenton (Old Herbaceous) playing the part of Jerome K Jerome. This show is adapted from one of the bestselling books of all time and one that has […]

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Apr 30 2022

A little bit Classical, a little bit Rock and Roll, humorous and a whole lot entertaining! STRINGFEVER is a entertaining group of talented musicians that have lived and breathed music since a young age. Composed of three brothers and a cousin, this internationally acclaimed quartet has performed 1000+ Shows in 33 countries since 2004, from […]

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Apr 09 2022
Forget Me Not

Rob Gee The ‘seriously funny’ (Sunday Mirror) comic, poet and psychiatric nurse Rob Gee strikes storytelling gold with his smart, dark and very witty comedy-theatre crime show set on a dementia ward.Jim’s wife has died from what appears to be natural causes. Jim is a retired police detective and he smells a rat. He’s determined […]

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Jan 28 through to Mar 26 2022
Pinocchio the Panto

28th, 29th and 30th January, 25th, 26th & 27th February, 25 & 26 March 2022 Pinocchio is brought to life when an old carpenter, called Gepetto, wishes upon a shooting star. Little does Gepetto know however, that stromboli, the evil circus ringmaster, now has his sights set on Pinocchio. Stromboli wants Pinocchio to be the […]

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Mar 18 2022

Directed by John Hewer – 18th March 2022 It is the wake after Stanley’s funeral.The three sons have done well for themselves – mainly thanks to Stan.The wives loathe each other and don’t think much of their own husbands either.The recently widowed Pat thinks it is now the best time to reveal some lifelong secrets.The […]

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Nov 27 2021
The Beast in Me

27 November 2021 Since their inception in 2006, they have developed a huge following for their gripping andpowerful storytelling. Who is the stranger who waits at the crossroads? Why does a man have a wing for an arm?Why does the filthy stranger wear a bear’s skin, and why do his pockets overflow with gold?Shot through […]

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Oct 30 2021
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

The ShowActor Neil Gore brings this humorous and absorbing book to life in his one-man magic lantern show. Based on the 1914 novel by Robert Tressell, its story is set in the building trades of Edwardian England where painters and decorators struggle to maintain themselves and their families, poverty and the constant fear of unemployment […]

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