Take 7

15th June 2019

“TAKE SEVEN” is a production which celebrates the art of storytelling. If you are a fan of people-watching you will enjoy peeking into the lives of the characters which appear on stage and reveal to you their secrets, their hopes and fears. They will share with you the silly things that have happened to them, and their sadness too, they will weave their stories around you and create theatre magic. Written and directed by Gill Blow the stories include the award-winning ‘On the Bench’ – a poignant encounter between two people in a garden, and ‘Still Alive with Clive’ which tells the story of an Elvis impersonator who gets himself into hot water with his drainpipes. There is an ‘other-worldly’ tale of the strange ‘Mr. Sinclair’, and ‘Unravelled,’ Audrey’s story of dread and knitting all wound up together….the exceptional and experienced actors who have delighted audiences in recent years are looking forward to telling their stories at the Broadbent.