The Rocky Horror Picture Show

25th October 2024, 7:30pm

A newly engaged couple have a breakdown in an isolated area and must pay a call to the bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

Director Jim Sharman
Runtime 96min
Certification 15
Cast Barry Bostwick, Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon
Digitally remastered 2015 (40th anniversary) edition, UK version, with colour opening, 5.1 Dolby sound

Cult Classic and Halloween tradition – the Rocky Horror Show experience is nothing without the ruckus antics of well a sauced audience. If you’ve never been informed, or are attending for the first time with friends who rave about how fun it is to throw toast, pelvic thrust and yell swear words at the stage, here is a quick guide to give you the need-to-knows to make the most out of Rocky Horror.

1. Rice: At the beginning of the film is the wedding of Ralph Hapschatt and Betty Munroe. As the newlyweds exit the church, you should throw the rice along with the on-screen wedding guests.

2. Newspapers: When Brad and Janet are caught in the storm, Janet covers her head with a newspaper The “Plain Dealer”. At this point, you should likewise cover your head.

3. Water pistols: These are used by members of the audience to simulate the rainstorm that Brad and Janet are caught in. (Now do you see why you should use the newspapers?)

4. Phone torches or glowsticks: During the “There’s a light” verse of “Over at the Frankenstein Place, “you should light up the theatre

5. Rubber gloves: During and after the creation speech, Frank snaps his rubber gloves three times. Later, Magenta pulls these gloves off his hands. You should snap your gloves in sync each time to create a fantastic sound effect.

6. Noisemakers: At the end of the creation speech, the Transylvanians respond with applause and noisemakers. You should do the same.

7. Toilet paper: When Dr. Scott enters the lab, Brad cries out “Great Scott!” At this point, you should hurl rolls of toilet paper into the air (preferably Scotts).

8. Toast or Sponge: When Frank proposes a toast at dinner, members of the audience throw toast into the air (preferably unbuttered… things could get sticky).

9. Bell: During the song “Planet Schmanet Janet,” ring the bell (or make a bell-like sound) when Frank sings “Did you hear a bell ring?”

10. Cards: During the song “I’m Going Home,” Frank sings “Cards for sorrow, cards for pain”. At this point you should shower the theatre with cards.

FINALLY…If you don’t know, now you know – this is the kind of event you need to pre-drink for, and continue to drink during the performance (lucky you the Broadbent Theatre has a bar!).

Follow your fellow Rocky Horror veterans’ leads when it comes to the callback lines. The audience will yell “slut” every time they hear Janet’s name, and “asshole” when Brad’s is. So, whenever you hear a line coming on, join in and don’t be afraid to yell.

oh.. and learn how do the time warp

This is an LRP Film Night Cinema Presentation

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