Rinkly Rockers

by Elaine Howell

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10th, 11th, 17th & 18th November 2023 – An LRP Production – Directed by James Hewson

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Barry and Eric are two aging Rockers in the band TRIB-U-LA-TIONS who have been working, waiting, hoping to make it BIG.

They have been together for over 50 years … and are still waiting for that big break.

What happens when secrets are revealed? Will these secrets split the lifelong friends, and ultimately the band apart?

Throw in some colourful, larger than life characters, a dose of nostalgic charm, a few surprises, and a generous shake of humour and you have an original play which is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

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Written exclusively for The Broadbent by Elaine Howell.

Under 15’s are likely to be bored.
Over 15s are likely to be happy.
Over 50s are likely to re-live their youth.

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