Kemps Jig

An Elizabethan Roadshow by Chris Harris - 10th June 2022

“And let those that play your clowns speak no more than is set down”

In 1600 Kemp, the most famous comic actor of his generation, and William Shakespeare, arguably the most famous playwright in history had an argument. Shakespeare stayed in London, writing the plays still renowned the world over. Kemp embarked on a bizarre PR stunt, Morris dancing 125 miles from London to Norwich

Based on Kemp’s own diary “The Nine Daies Wonder”, Kemp’s Jig is a romp through Elizabethan England sharing the adventures of Shakespeare’s now almost forgotten clown. There is dancing along the way, along with richly comic characters, a spot of bear baiting and that most wonderful of days out – a public execution.

A “horrible history” for all ages, fans of Shakespeare in Love & Upstart Crow, will cheer the maverick Kemp on his merry way to Norwich!