Past Productions

Simon Mayor & Hilary James

LIVE & LOCAL – Saturday 27th May 2023 – 7.30pm

‘Tears of Laughter’ is a show full of Simon’s inimitable brand of off-the-wall humour as well as mandolin, guitar and fiddling wizardry, all beautifully combined with Hilary’s ‘honey-dripping’ vocals. Everything from beautiful folk ballads such as the lovely ‘When Summer Comes Again’, to lively mandolin tunes, and some of their hilarious children’s songs, reminiscent of Belloc’s ‘Cautionary Tales’. Oh! and a step dance (if Hilary has any breath left!).

Music, Mirth and Song  Live concert clips

The performance is all wrapped up in an entertaining stage show with humour as dry as Somerset cider.

‘A whole stream of mirthful anecdotes, blurry-fingered precision and sweetly sung blues, standards and folk songs’.

The Glasgow Herald

‘A witty and captivating mix of folk, blues, swing and classical showstoppers, spiced with a unique brand of off-beat humour’.

The Guardian

Ladies Down Under 

Presented by Common Ground Theatre Company – 11th, 12th and 13th May 2023 – 7.30pm

After hitting the jackpot in Ladies’ Day, the fish-filleting foursome celebrate with the trip of a lifetime. This sequel to Ladies’ Day, which Common Ground Theatre Company brought to the Broadbent with great success in 2022, sees Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda go from downtown Hull to the land of Oz.

While Shelley spends on luxury and glamour, the rest of the gang go native and camp out at Ulhuru. But Shelley soon discovers there’s more on offer than smart hotels and sun-kissed surfers, and Pearl has her own mountain to climb. What promises to be trip of a lifetime becomes a life-changing adventure for them all.

Much Ado About Jazz

POSTPONED – We are sorry to announce the rescheduling of this show due to conflict with the coronation, we hope to have a new date soon. 

Starring Chris Gumbley LIVE & LOCAL – Saturday 6th May 2023

Chris Gumbley on various wind instruments and accompanied by Al Gurr on the piano, “Much Ado” is a duo show that is a little bit different.

This show is aimed at people who do not necessarily like jazz (as well as those who do!). They revisit some much-loved (mostly) jazz classics and present unique and exciting arrangements of them in such a way that the audience not only feel more involved, but also gain an insight into how jazz musicians work on stage.

From the Albert Hall to the Music Hall

Presented by Dan Sealey LIVE & LOCAL – Saturday 15th April 2023 

After a notable career with bands such as Ocean Colour Scene and Cosmotheka, Dan is bringing his own show to the Broadbent Theatre, featuring music from all the bands he’s been involved with, the often hilarious stories he’s amassed along the way and new material from the album he is working on due for release early next year.

‘Contemporary folk songs that tell stories to future generations…’ The Daily Record


25th March 2023

The Sounds of Simon is a tribute to the wonderful music of Simon and Garfunkel. The Old Friends Duo tour is how the songs are meant to be: just two voices and one guitar. This is the music of Simon and Garfunkel up close and intimate.

Relive the classics, from Mrs Robinson, to Homeward Bound, as well as some rarely heard songs like A Most Peculiar Man, and A Poem on the Underground Wall. Paul Simon is a wonderful songwriter and this is your chance to hear these songs as they were originally performed.

Paul and Art are played to perfection, bringing in elements of their famously fractious relationship, as well as replicating the beautiful harmonies flawlessly. This is a wonderful show filled with excellent music, nostalgia, and a genuine love for some great musicians.

GASLIGHT – By Patrick Hamilton

2nd, 3rd & 4th March 2023

Since coming to London, Bella Manningham feels she has been losing her reason. Her husband, Jack, is threatening to commit her to an asylum, “like your wretched mother before you”.  When Rough, who claims to be an ex-detective, visits, he gives her more cause to doubt her reason. He believes her respectable husband is actually a thief and murderer. Slowly building his proof, Rough convinces Bella that she is perfectly sane and that her husband must be brought to justice.

This 1938 play was turned into a film in 1944 starring Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer.

MUMMY – The Art of Saying Goodbye – Amy Gwilliam

17th February 2023

A wonderfully intimate one-person show about death, grief and the art of letting go.
‘Mummy’ tells the story of Elizabeth, as she thinks she has got death nailed having lost her mother aged
16 and having spent years researching Ancient Egypt and its death rituals. But challenged with familiar
surroundings and some familiar faces, memories stir, and ghosts return.
Gradually it depicts the tricky and endearing relationship between a daughter and her late mother, and
all that was left unsaid. Exploring social masks and (typically) British funeral practices, it reveals how one
woman finds her way to unwind, and to confront all the feelings and dreams she has been suppressing.
Inspired by the death of her own mother, the tragedy finds a lightness in the wonderfully intimate and
interactive set-up of the show.


DIRECTED BY James Hewson

27th, 28th, 29th January, 3rd, 4th, 5th February,
10th & 11th February 2023.

Our very own in-house director Jimbob Hewson brings this well-known story to the Broadbent stage as pantomime. Follow the yellow brick road and lose yourself in adventure, beautiful scenery and special effects. Along the way, find out what it takes to defeat the witch, gain a heart and be brave. Inspired by steampunk, the fantastic costumes bring all these well-known characters to glorious technicolour! Packed with jokes curtesy of Tom Whalley productions and filled with songs and energy, this promises to be a fabulous night out for all the family.


EXPRESS YOUR ELF, Kelly Ann and Cleopatra Ridgeway in their brand new Christmas Show.

3rd December 2022


26th November 2022

A unique opportunity to see one of Europe’s top tribute bands in an intimate theatre setting.

Widely considered to be one of the best ever Abba Tribute Acts, they play to packed theatres and festivals throughout Europe. A stunning stage show, which combines costume changes, lighting effects and a faithful reproduction of the Abba sound.

A great evening’s entertainment is guaranteed for all age ranges.
The band love audience participation, so you can sing along, clap or even get up and dance. If however you are ‘too posh’ to join in, then no problem, just rattle your jewellery !!!

Please note, this bands concerts tend to sell out very quickly, so please book your tickets as soon as possible for a great night out.

Conan Doyle by Candlelight – Don’t go into the Cellar Theatre Company

19th November 2022

Don’t Go Into The Cellar presents: ‘Conan Doyle by Candlelight’
As if creating the greatest detective in English Literature were not enough, Arthur Conan Doyle also penned dozens of truly stupendous ghost and horror stories.
In this original stage show, we celebrate his creative genius with startling adaptations of several of his very best. A barnstorming theatrical experience for lovers of ripping yarns and grisly deeds!

The Great Almighty Gill – New Perspectives

22nd October 2022

Don’t miss your chance to see Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

The Great Almighty Gill review – a thoughtful, funny farewell – The Guardian
“Daniel Hoffmann-Gill restages his father’s funeral to give his eulogy the audience it deserves in this tender, honest show”
in his fantastic moving, one man performance.

Contains strong language

Murder at the Broadbent – Purple Dreams

Sunday 16th October 2022


written and directed by Tobias Nicholls
Starring Amy Power, Tobias Nicholls, Emily Prince and Liam Mandy

There’s a killer in the cast!  Comedy turns to tragedy as a murderer reveals themselves… but who will be their first victim?’
Lights come up to find a body covered by a bloodied sheet, but the audience are left guessing until the final act as to the identity of the victim, and the murderer!
The award winning Purple Dreams Productions are excited to bring this psychological drama to Wickenby, their seventh visit to Broadbent Theatre.

Keith James – Every Human Heart

1st October 2022

Unique and timeless songs of vision, question and change

Moonshadow – So long Marianne – Big Yellow Taxi – Heart of Gold – Northern Sky

Throughout my life as a Musician and Concert performer certain Songs have stayed with me and comforted me along my journey. Timeless music that has a special place in many people’s hearts, written by, amongst others, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, Leonard Cohen, Sandy Denny, Neil Young and Nick Drake.
This concert is not only a celebration, but also about shared connections of love, loss and the emotions that move us deeply as thinking, breathing, fragile Humans.
As I have just released a Book containing all my Songs from the past 45 years, I will no doubt be playing one or two of my own.
‘Some of the most atmospheric and emotive music you will ever hear’ The Independent

‘Keith James has become a pillar of trust. A sublimely intimate and engaging voice’ Sunday Times
‘Certainly the UK’s most celebrated and evocative interpreter of golden music’ The Guardian

‘a sensitive and pleasingly understated delivery, all the better that the songs might speak for themselves’ Acoustic Magazine

Kemps Jig – An Elizabethan Roadshow
by Chris Harris

10th June 2022

“And let those that play your clowns speak no more than is set down”

In 1600 Kemp, the most famous comic actor of his generation, and William Shakespeare, arguably the most famous playwright in history had an argument. Shakespeare stayed in London, writing the plays still renowned the world over. Kemp embarked on a bizarre PR stunt, Morris dancing 125 miles from London to Norwich

Based on Kemp’s own diary “The Nine Daies Wonder”, Kemp’s Jig is a romp through Elizabethan England sharing the adventures of Shakespeare’s now almost forgotten clown. There is dancing along the way, along with richly comic characters, a spot of bear baiting and that most wonderful of days out – a public execution.

A “horrible history” for all ages, fans of Shakespeare in Love & Upstart Crow, will cheer the maverick Kemp on his merry way to Norwich!

Hambledon Productions present – I SPY BRIAN

18th June 2022

An Absurdist Comedy by Rebekah Hardy
Directed by John Hewer and Rebekah Hardy

Meet Wendy, a humble bin collector living in any normal mid-terrace in any normal suburb of any normal town.

She has eyes for her neighbour Brian but who actually is he? He goes out at all hours, lives alone and is always immaculately turned out. When she stumbles upon an intriguing letter which further fogs his character, Wendy inadvertently takes centre-stage in an adventure of mistaken identity, a disputable inheritance and murder. And fog.
This piece of writing was the winner of the 2020 Scratch Night held at Louth Riverhead Theatre and is touring this summer.


Saturday July 9

We are pleased to present A Certain Demographic and their outdoor performance of Paradise Lost.

Words by John Milton & Ian Sharp, music by Tim Sutton, performed by A Certain Demographic (of ‘Conchies!’ fame).

Tickets via our website: £10. / £9. (over 65 and under 18). Numbers are limited so don’t delay!

Suitable for ages 12+

Note: this show will NOT be at the theatre. The performance takes place in the garden of Holton Hall (where the founders of the Broadbent theatre first performed!), at the cross roads in Holton-cum-Beckering, LN8 5NG. Parking is available on site.

Bring your own seating and refreshments – or how about a picnic, up to 45 minutes before the show.

Common Ground Theatre Company presents Ladies Day

26th, 27th & 28th May 2022


Work, love and life are just one long, hard slog for the fish-filleting foursome Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda. But their fortunes are set to change when Linda finds tickets to Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot.

Three Men in a Boat

21st May 2022


After the huge success of Old Herbaceous, Kick In The Head productions are back with a rip roaring barrel of fun, Three Men in a Boat, with Giles Shenton (Old Herbaceous) playing the part of Jerome K Jerome. This show is adapted from one of the bestselling books of all time and one that has never been out of print since it was first published in 1889.
Giles Shenton expertly takes the helm and pilots you through the Jerome K Jerome’s ridiculous tale of men behaving badly while messing about in boats!

STRINGFEVER – A little bit Classical, a little bit Rock and Roll, humorous and a whole lot entertaining!

30 April 2022 – 7.30 pm

STRINGFEVER is a entertaining group of talented musicians that have lived and breathed music since a young age. Composed of three brothers and a cousin, this internationally acclaimed quartet has performed 1000+ Shows in 33 countries since 2004, from private performances for the British Royal family to a packed audience at Madison Square Gardens!
Stringfever’s selections range from inspiring classics to popular music; every performance engaging audiences with humour and energy.
The Broadbent are really excited to have them at the theatre.

Forget Me Not – The Alzheimer’s Whodunnit
Rob Gee

9th April 2022

The ‘seriously funny’ (Sunday Mirror) comic, poet and psychiatric nurse Rob Gee strikes storytelling gold with his smart, dark and very witty comedy-theatre crime show set on a dementia ward.
Jim’s wife has died from what appears to be natural causes. Jim is a retired police detective and he smells a rat. He’s determined to solve one last murder. The problem is he also has dementia. It’s a case worthy of the greatest detective mind. But his will have to do. By turns hilarious comedy and thought-provoking drama, this is a one-man triumph; part social commentary, part black comedy, part Cluedo and 100 per cent entertaining.

Pinocchio the Panto – by Dan Smith and Claire Hughes – Directed by James Hewson

28th, 29th and 30th January, 25th, 26th & 27th February, 25 & 26 March 2022

Pinocchio is brought to life when an old carpenter, called Gepetto, wishes upon a shooting star. Little does Gepetto know however, that stromboli, the evil circus ringmaster, now has his sights set on Pinocchio. Stromboli wants Pinocchio to be the star attraction in his failing circus and sets a plan in motion to kidnap him. Pinocchio must escape the clutches of the circus and, if he ever wants to be a real boy, he must be on his best behaviour. Lucky for Pinocchio, he is helped by good old Jiminy Cricket and the wonderful (if a bit clumsy) Fairy Nuff.

Hambledon Productions present


18th March 2022

A Comedy by Elaine Howell
Directed by John Hewer

It is the wake after Stanley’s funeral.
The three sons have done well for themselves – mainly thanks to Stan.
The wives loathe each other and don’t think much of their own husbands either.
The recently widowed Pat thinks it is now the best time to reveal some lifelong secrets.
The brothers are about to get the shock of their lives.
When families get together, drama isn’t far behind.

‘At the Wake’ won the 2020 Scratch Night event at Louth Riverhead Theatre and promises to be a fantastic production of new writing.

The Beast in Me – the Devils Violin

27 November 2021

Since their inception in 2006, they have developed a huge following for their gripping and
powerful storytelling. Who is the stranger who waits at the crossroads? Why does a man have a wing for an arm?
Why does the filthy stranger wear a bear’s skin, and why do his pockets overflow with gold?
Shot through with mysterious imagery, ‘The Beast in Me’ is an unforgettable tale of the
calamitous impact of chance and the redemptive power of love

This show is suitable for older children (12+)

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

30th October 2021

The Show
Actor Neil Gore brings this humorous and absorbing book to life in his one-man magic lantern show. Based on the 1914 novel by Robert Tressell, its story is set in the building trades of Edwardian England where painters and decorators struggle to maintain themselves and their families, poverty and the constant fear of unemployment notwithstanding, while renovating a large townhouse for the local mayor.
With projected animation, conjuring tricks, live music and song, there’s something for all the family, not least the chance to become acquainted with this timeless story of socialism and political awakening.

Suitable for Children over 12

Holmes and Watson: The Farewell Tour

By Stuart Fortey, Directed by David Robertson

Saturday 9th October 2021

With Julian Finnegan as Holmes and Dominic Goodwin as Watson

Before slipping into well-earned retirement, Sherlock Holmes has prevailed upon his long-time companion Dr Watson, his landlady Mrs Hudson and Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard to join him in a farewell tour of the British Isles. For the first time ever they will re-enact one of the detective’s most baffling unrecorded cases – The Case of the Prime Minister, the Floozie and the Lummock Rock Lighthouse– an affair upon whose outcome the security of Europe once hung by a thread. Shrouded in secrecy until now, this case has finally been approved by the government for public disclosure.

It is also understood that Mr Holmes has been entrusted by Her Majesty with the conveyance to the Tower of London of the fabled Satsuma Stone, stolen from the crown of William of Orange in the seventeenth century and only recently discovered in a midden in Maastricht. It is expected that the evening will include a glimpse of this priceless gem; in which case, one can only be thankful that Professor James Moriarty, the Napoleon of crime, fell to his death at the Reichenbach Falls. Or did he? Or is he still alive, planning another deadly strike as he lurks, unseen, in the wings…?

This two-man little gem is totally and delightfully, utterly bonkers, and is so funny it should come with a Government health warning.”  The Northern Echo

Keith James.
The Music of Yusuf – Cat Stevens

September 25th

Proceeds and audience donations from this tour of concerts will go to the UNICEF UK Syrian Children’s appeal.

This Concert is performed as a gesture of belief in the possibility that harmony and understanding between us all may be interwoven into today’s World.
Keith James Presents an honest and loving reflection of the timeless and insightful music of Yusuf – Cat Stevens.
It is hardly surprising that, to mark its 50th anniversary, Yusuf has entirely re-recorded and re-released his remarkable Album Tea for the Tillerman, with each of the unforgettable 11 songs re-conceptualized and re-imagined and gifted back to us among all the uncertainties of 2020, 2021 and beyond.
During the early 1970s, amassed body of music from this hugely popular and sincerely loved singer/songwriter made for a collection of ‘must have’ records across a whole generation. Tea for the Tillerman and Teaser and the Firecat were on everyone’s turntables and on every radio station, live versions are played in concerts, bars and on the world’s beaches to this day. Songs such as Wild World, Father and Son, Moonshadow and Where do the Children play have been covered by hundreds of Artists worldwide.
Keith James is a long standing, well-respected and inventive concert performer who specialises in playing intimate, carefully researched biographic style concerts of those he has studied and revered as writers over the years.
He weaves the story of Cat Stevens’ life from his early pop career, life threatening illness and spiritual journey around a performance of his beautifully-crafted and memorable songs.

This concert will give you far more than just the music itself…
There is a huge amount of insight into the history and the spirit of Cat Stevens; his early pop career, his illness that changed him existentially and spiritually into an incredibly thoughtful and loving singer songwriter; such that his songs are remembered instantly for their uplifting sense of vision, truth and human fragility.
Much to talk about the background and embryo of each song; some of which will be performed as all of us remember and some, carefully and intuitively re-voiced; respectfully re-interpreted with rich, balanced guitar arrangements and a more personal vocal approach.
Yusuf campaigns on many educational and humanitarian issues, he was awarded the ‘Man of Peace’ award by the Nobel Peace Laureates.
In 2015 and he received the Lifetime achievement award from BBC Radio 2 and the Ivor Novello Award for outstanding song collection.
He has received two honorary doctorates and awards for promoting peace from two organisations founded by Mikhail Gorbachev.

‘Some of the most atmospheric and emotive music you will ever hear’ The Independent

‘Keith James has become a pillar of trust. A sublimely intimate and engaging voice’ Sunday Times
‘certainly the UK’s most celebrated and evocative interpreter of golden music’ The Guardian

‘a sensitive and pleasingly understated delivery, all the better that the songs might speak for themselves’ Acoustic Magazine

For all information about Keith James:

Proceeds and audience donations from this tour of concerts will go to the UNICEF UK Syrian Children’s appeal.

The Lindsey Rural Players present   ‘Rope’

Friday 3rd September invited audience preview,
Saturday 4th, Friday 10th and Saturday 11th September 2021.

Rope, set in the 1920s is a British play by Patrick Hamilton. A three-act drama is filled with continuous action, punctuated only by the interval at the end of each act.

This amateur production of “Rope” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.

Love Games presented by Purple Dreams Productions

Saturday 14th March 2021
Written and directed by Tobias Nicholls

When Isaac Williams set off to catch his usual bus, little did he realise that he’d meet the most important people of his life… quickly falling for kind-hearted Sophie, he finds himself fighting for her affection with rival suitor Chris.
It’s not until Sophie’s feisty friend Zoe shows up though that it comes apparent that, ultimately, everyone is playing ‘Love Games’.
Purple Dreams Productions are excited to return to Broadbent Theatre in 2020, reviving their best-selling saucy comedy, offering plenty of love, lust with laughter and lies. <h3

Circus Skills Workshop 2 – Earthbound Misfits

22nd February 2020


Please arrive at the theatre in good time since the workshop will start promptly. Remember to wear warm clothing and have a layer you can take off as you exercise.

Dick Whittington – Lindsey Rural Players Annual Pantomime

24th, 25th, 26th & 31st January. 1st, 2nd, 7th & 8th February 2020
Directed by Marcus Holland – Written by Ben Crocker


16th November 2019

Come along on Saturday morning for a workshop on stage acting basics. Have some fun with warm-up games that teach script line anticipation, discover stage directions and what they mean, practice voice projection, walking and sitting in character, learn about stage movement and how to look natural on stage. Beginners most welcome!

Just turn up on the day – no need to book!

The Last Resort – a Comedy by Chris Owen

16th November 2019

Amici Touring Theatre want to take you for a day at Ferryton on Sea, to meet all those who make the resort so special. Whether it’s Vic (Clint) Eastwood the milkman who starts the day with an attempted mugging or The Killjoy family, who forget to check the tide before using the beach as a car park. The Punch and Judy show with a difference, the surfers who attempt their final beach conquest straight into a sewage outfall and Minesweep, possibly the most boring man you ever met add to the fun of the day. You even get to meet the donkeys, braying their way through another action packed day at Ferryton on Sea. Why not join us and find out what happens in a single day at “The Last Resort.”

TALES FROM THE HEARTWOOD present “Rapunzel and The Bad Hair Day”

8th & 9th November 2019

Rapunzel has spent her whole life locked in a tower with only her plait for company.
Visited in turns by the mysterious witch who holds her captive, and the prince who loves her and longs to free her, the two battle it out by telling her stories.
But the plait has a mind of its own, and finally decides to take the matter into its own strands……. Contains adult themes

Sue Hodge in ‘Allo, Allo, Again’

2nd November 2019

Celebrating 25 years of Comedy Gold

Sue Hodge`s hilarious celebration of the hit BBCTV series!
Join pint-sized pocket firework and heroine of the French
ray-zist-ance, Mimi Labonq for a hilarious musical celebration of the hit TV series and stage show.
`Allo `Allo remains a worldwide smash hit in 93 countries with previous viewing figures topping 24 million each week in the UK alone. The stage show sold out in its international tours and at its long run at the London Palladium. 30 years later and `Allo `Allo is now regularly aired on BBCTV, UK Gold, Drama and Yesterday once more, adding a whole new generation of laughter-loving fans.

In `Allo `Allo, Again! SUE HODGE, presents a visual feast of laughter and music, with Keith `Paddington` Richards at the piano, as she recalls the antics of the well-loved cast in the golden age of TV comedy. It’s a witty insight with video clips and slides into the hilarious behind the scenes stories during the making of one of the most successful British TV series ever. Add in a splash of clever comedy and witty music to enjoy a unique show filled with memories and entertainment for all fans of classic TV gold

Hambledon Productions – Dracula: One Bloody Fang After Another

25th October 2019

A haunting, paranormal force has gripped the town. The young Lucy Westenra is taken ill and psychiatrist Dr. Seaward calls on his teacher Professor Van Helsing to discuss her symptoms. The Professor has a perplexing diagnosis – Lucy carries all the symptoms of a vampire’s latest victim.

So begins a frenzied stab at trying to uncloak Count Dracula as the vampire in their midst. Sadly, it gets quite midsty in Whitby at times…

Bram Stoker’s immortal horror story is given an affectionate lampooning in this physical, riotous comedy. Now, it is truly horrific

Circus Skills Workshop

19th October 2019

Lindsey Rural Players present The Miser

10th, 11th, 12th October 2019

Please check our our review page for a review of this play.

Saskia Griffiths-Moore and Keith James present the Music of Leonard Cohen, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan

7th September 2019

A Certain Demographic – Conchies

Sunday 14th July 2019
Conchies is a play which tells the story of the founders of the LRP who came here as conscientious objectors during World War 2. This play is to celebrate the Centenary of Donald Sutherland the last survivor of this group. All previous productions of this play have been sold out, so do not miss this opportunity see this play.

Thinking Sessions – A Teachers Tale

24th June 2019

Take 7

15th June 2019

“TAKE SEVEN” is a production which celebrates the art of storytelling. If you are a fan of people-watching you will enjoy peeking into the lives of the characters which appear on stage and reveal to you their secrets, their hopes and fears. They will share with you the silly things that have happened to them, and their sadness too, they will weave their stories around you and create theatre magic. Written and directed by Gill Blow the stories include the award-winning ‘On the Bench’ – a poignant encounter between two people in a garden, and ‘Still Alive with Clive’ which tells the story of an Elvis impersonator who gets himself into hot water with his drainpipes. There is an ‘other-worldly’ tale of the strange ‘Mr. Sinclair’, and ‘Unravelled,’ Audrey’s story of dread and knitting all wound up together….the exceptional and experienced actors who have delighted audiences in recent years are looking forward to telling their stories at the Broadbent.


written and directed by Tobias Nicholls

1st June 2019

Set in, and around a cake shop, everyone must decide what their heart truly wants…
lemon meringue or chocolate fudge!
A case of mistaken identity turns lives upside down –
Hearts will flutter, and tears will roll as this comedy tests relationships –
and not everyone will make it to the other side!
Excited to visit Broadbent Theatre again,
Purple Dreams are proud to present their ninth touring production, brand new for 2019!
PLUS – A FREE sweet treat for everyone in the audience during the interval!


10th May 2019

Tender poignancy and comic touches of sheer brilliance abound in this hugely acclaimed comic ode to death and friendship from the highly innovative Tangram Theatre.

Full of ‘magnificently clever’ (The Guardian) comedy-theatre and threaded through with exquisite live music, this outlandish story of how one man gave his terminally ill best friend the full Viking funeral he’d always dreamed of, is remarkable. Deeply personal, deeply felt and delightfully comic.

Suitable for ages 14+

Amici presents – ROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS

26th & 27th April 2019

The world is getting smaller they say. If you think this is a new idea, you should catch up with Amici Touring Theatre’s latest production, “ Around the World in 80 Days”, adapted from the Jules Verne novel. Phileas Fogg wagers his friends at the Reform club half his fortune that he can circumnavigate the world in 80 days. Trains, boats, sledges and even the odd elephant (but alas no balloon) are used to attempt this outrageous trip. Accompanied by his French valet, Passepartout, the frantically fastidious Fogg lurches from one comical disaster to another, in his attempt to win his bet. The main cast is admirably supported by a team of actors that take on a multitude of roles, as Fogg makes his way round the globe.

Nicholas Collett Productions presents – YOUR BARD

7th April 2019

An informal audience with Will Shakespeare. Come and meet the man himself and take the lid off a legend in your local. This is a one man show intermingled with a few of his greatest hits – and maybe a sonnet or a song. There’s no fourth wall here – we are all in this together.

Tommy Cooper – Just like that – Hambledon Productions

23rd March 2019

This ALL-ENCAPSULATING SHOW features John Hewer giving “a remarkably faithful performance” (Time Out) as he “captures the Cooper style, from mumbled speech and loud laughter to the awkward giant body language” (The Stage) and delivering “nuances both obvious and subtle” (Everything Theatre) as the man in the fez.

Uchenna Dance presents – HANSEL AND GRETEL

10th March 2019

Colourful contemporary family dance theatre with Hansel & Gretel cast as Superheroes for a modern world. Great funky music, so expect to groove in your seat as you are transported to a world far from yours with some surprising similarities.

Audience reviews:

‘Made me want to dance!’

‘Beautiful dancers and dancing great for my children to see it close up!’

‘Very engaging and professional – HIGH QUALITY!’

‘It was so amazing to see such amazing dance in a Cornish Village Hall.’

‘Clever use of minimal props, very imaginative.’

‘It’s really interesting for me and particularly my daughter to see different genres and styles.’

‘Such energy – something completely different from our expectation – a breath of fresh air.’

Little Earthquake Theatre presents I AIN’T AFRAID OF NO GHOST

February 24th 7.30pm

A funny, nostalgic trip back to the 80’s and a home haunted by a playful poltergeist. A captivating mystery set in a recognisable suburban world.



25th, 26th, 27th January 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 9th February 2019

Our Annual Panto is back and better than ever

A tale (almost) as old as time… Packed with songs, side splitting jokes and even a tear or two. Not only does Beauty finally get her Prince – but her fast talking French poodle also finds love in the topsy turvy world of the Beast’s palace – where even the furniture can talk!


The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s production of A Christmas Carol


23rd – 25th November 2018

In a festive mood, the ladies of the Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society mount another assault on the classics with their stage version of A Christmas Carol. They enthusiastically portray a dizzy array of characters from the Dickensian favorite (and a few which aren’t), engineer some novel audience participation while bravely contending with an intrusive PA system and a real Farndale first rap their vocal cords and feet around two original, show stopping songs.

Purple Dreams Productions presents THE EMPTY STAGE

3rd November 2018

Rising star Carina Harris was murdered during an unscheduled rehearsal for an upcoming play. Now it’s up to the director of the show to determine which of his temperamental cast members is dramatic enough to be a killer!This unique murder mystery is tailored specifically to each venue and is sure to get the audience guessing whodunit!

Twisted Tales by the Owdyado Theatre Company

28th September 2018

Three shows in one that take inspiration from cult classics like the Twilight Zone and Inside No. 9. Each one riffs on the idea of “How far would you go to get what you want” Witty Pacey and Very Funny.

The Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma – New Perspectives

15th September

In a small Nigerian town, Ben and Obembe, along with their two older brothers, slip away to fish at a forbidden river. Unnoticed and carefree, they continue until one day the prophecy of a madman changes the course of their lives forever.

Based on the Man Booker Prize-shortlisted novel by one of Africa’s major new voices, New Perspectives, in association with HOME, presents this powerful allegory of brotherhood, vengeance and fate in a new adaptation by award-winning playwright GbolahanObisesan.

“It really packs a punch” The Stage on Harvest
“Supremely stylish” The Times on Darkness Darkness
“Gripping from start to finish” Derby Telegraph on Playland

Approx 70 minutes with no interval – a Q&A session follows the performance

This Evil Thing – Written and performed by Michael Mears

1st September

January 1916. Bertrand Russell is one of the greatest mathematicians of his time. Bert Brocklesby is a young schoolteacher and Methodist preacher. When military conscription is brought in, their worlds are turned upside down. THIS EVIL THING is the compelling and inspiring story of the men who said no to war. From a chapel in Yorkshire to the House of Commons, from a cell in Richmond Castle to a firing squad in France, the questions raised here are as relevant and urgent as they were 100 years ago. Michael Mears, ‘the award-winning master of the one-man show’ (The List) portrays conscientious objectors and a host of other characters with breath-taking physical and vocal dexterity, in this highly original piece of storytelling – partly using verbatim testimonies, while interacting with a multi-layered sound landscape and vivid visual imagery. Michael’s previous solo plays – Soup, about homelessness, and Tomorrow We Do The Sky – won critical acclaim and a Scotsman Fringe First Award. He has also written and performed fi ve specially commissioned
solo plays for BBC Radio 4.

Advance Notice- Return of ‘Remembrance’ “Conchies”

 Sunday 5th August and Wednesday 8th August – extra show Tuesday 7th August 2018

Many of you will have seen ‘Remembrance’ in December, a play which tells the story of the founders of the LRP who came here as conscientious objectors during World War 2. The 3 performances were sold out and received very enthusiastically by audiences. There will be another opportunity to see the play for those who weren’t able to get tickets first time round or want to see it again on Sunday 5th August and Wednesday 8th August (details to be announced). The group will then be taking a modified version of the play to be called ‘Conchies!’ to the Edinburgh Fringe. It will be on for 6 evenings starting Monday August 13th at Venue 40, The Quaker Meeting House. If you or people you know will be visiting the Fringe that week the group (known as ‘A Certain Demographic’) would be delighted to receive some ‘home support’.

Dominic Goodwin – ‘Kaiser and I’

30th June 2018

Written by Stuart Fortey.

Starring Dominic Goodwin and Cal Stockbridge.

It’s Berlin, 1914, and every officer who attended a court ball had to have passed a dancing test conducted under the eagle eye of the court dancing mistress. Kaiser Wilhelm has summoned a dance instructress from England to put his officers through their paces, but now war is only days away…

Winner of the 2002 Buxton Festival Fringe Best Drama Award.

The Cody Sisters from America

21st June 2018
With an award winning sound of guitars, mandolins, banjos and bass and a blend of Old Time. This family band have a unique sound. Swing, Gypsy Jazz, Folk and Modern Bluegrass

Play in a Day

30th May 2018

Broadbent Theatre, Wickenby Wednesday 30th May, 10am – 3pm. The brilliant Rhubarb Theatre will teach children a play all about Lincolnshire’s chalk streams. They’ll be dancing, acting and prop making. Drop the children off with lunch at 10am and come back to watch the show at 2.30pm. Perfect for 7 – 12 year olds. Completely FREE thanks to funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Phoenix Players – A Bunch of Amateurs

17th to 19th May 2018
by Ian Hislop & Nick Newman
Keen to boost his flagging career, fading Hollywood action hero Jefferson Steele arrives in England to play King Lear in Stratford – only to find that this is not the birthplace of the Bard, but a sleepy Suffolk village

Kit Homes and Al Greenwood

Friday11th May
Enjoy an uplifting evening of gorgeous guitar, poignant lyrics and
feisty fiddle playing,all with Kit’s incredible sense of fun!

The Wind in the Willows: A Folk Opera

Sunday15th April 2018
A brand-new musical adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s well-loved classic, by Chris Green. GreenMatthews (with special guests Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer) use music and song to bring this timeless tale to sparkling life. Using traditional English folk melodies set to new lyrics, the four musicians paint a vivid picture of Grahame’s world – from the humble comfort of Mole End to the grandeur of Toad Hall. This show is vivacious, sparkling and full of life.

“Once Upon a Labrador”

17th March 2018
An evening of humour with Charles Garland and Alfie the dog. Recorded cameo music by Rick Wakeman, with occasional extracts from the book “My Labrador Eats Poo”. Directed by Sam Snape

February 2018

Feb 21st “Quilter and the Ghost” presented by Arletty Theatre
Warm, nostalgic musical-theatre of a reclusive hoarder and her strange but sweet ghost, who together in their ramshackle home collect real stories of strong and inspiring women lest they be lost to history. A glorious patchwork story-quilt forms the colourful backdrop to the play, each fragment of fabric a remembered life, some truly affecting and powerful. With lovely, emotive folk songs and well-crafted storytelling, this is an extraordinary, comic and compelling modern fairytale

January 2018

19th, 20th, 21st 26th, 27th, 28th January 2nd, 3rd February – LRP Pantomime – Babes in the Wood
by Graham Davidson
Tickets:£10.00 full; £9.00 concessions Family £34 (2 Adults + 2 Children)

December 2017

6th December 7.30 and 10th December 4.30 – Remembrance a Play by Ian Sharp – About Conscientious Objectors and founders of the Broadbent Theatre

An original documentary play written specially for the Broadbent Theatre. The play tells the story of the Conscientious Objectors who set up Pacifist Farm Communities in Legsby and Holton cum Beckering during World War 2. Many of them were involved in the founding of the Broadbent Theatre and many of their families remain active members of the local community today.

In the play the conscientious objectors (the’ conchies’ as the local people called them then) tell their stories mainly in their own words from the interviews many of them later gave. ‘Our aim is simply to tell the truth, as far as that is ever possible, of this remarkable phenomenon at a remarkable time,’ says writer Ian Sharp, ‘but hopefully in a lively, entertaining and thought-provoking way.’ For interested members of the audience there will be a post-show discussion with the cast.

During World War II RAF Wickenby in Lincoln was a hub of military activity from where hundreds of bombing mission were launched.

One thousand and eighty of the young men involved in those missions were killed.

Just a few miles away however, the neighbouring village of Holton cum Beckering, became a hotbed for the Peace Movement.

A group of like minded people gathered together in this farming community, united in one belief – they were not going to fight World War II.

Pacifism was a popular cause for those familiar with the horrors of World War I.

The personal tragedies and loss of WWI made pacifism a popular cause
“The whole story of World War I was so overwhelming that I think many of us said we must never be part of this again,” explains conscientious objector Francis Cammaerts.

The Peace Pledge Union was started by priest Dick Sheppard, who’d been a chaplain to troops in the trenches.

Young men were asked to sign a pledge to renounce war and become conscientious objector, or “conchies” as they were known.

Although farming duties were largely taken over by land girls, replacing the farmers sent away to war, it was also something a conscientious objector could do.

2nd December – Bette Davis on the Edge

Christine St John’s one woman show imagines Davis anxiously waiting for the reviews of her comeback film Whatever Happened to Baby Jane one evening in 1962. Alone in her hotel room having been too afraid to attend the premiere, Bette takes the audience on a trip down memory lane, telling not just the story of her acting life, but of the brutalities of studio control for women of a certain age. Whether or not it had all been worth it will be revealed when she finally hears the knock on the door delivering the morning editions and those crucial reviews.
Tickets:£10.00 full; £9.00 concessions

What can a Carpenter, a Jeweler, a Wig Maker, a Linen Weaver and a Priest possibly have in common?

International Storytelling Company Tales From The Heartwood present the “The Five Travellers”, a delightful performance of interwoven stories, with an unexpected twist at the end.

‘The Five Travellers’ is an approximately two and a half hour performance suitable for adults and children from around the age of seven upwards.

Set in a medieval forest, ‘The Five Travellers’ comprises stories within a story. We follow the story of the priest, wig maker, jeweler, linen weaver and carpenter, as each one tells their own story, building up to an unexpected twist at the end

Tales From The Heartwood is a small storytelling company, who specialize in Folk Tales and Fairy Tales from around the world. They have performed in schools, festivals and multi-cultural evenings to name a few. With a large repertoire, and a great amount of experience, Tales From The Heartwood present their work with great style and skill.

October 2017

October – Laying the Ghost – Amici Touring Theatre
Margot Buchanan just wants a quiet birthday, but the appearance of her ex-husband Leo, his current wife Judy and his young lover Sadie turn her celebrations into chaos. When Leo suffers a fatal heart attack the scene is set for chaotic hilarity as Leo’s ghost appears, anxious to sort out matters between his three women, and visible only to Margot’s psychic friend Freda!

Amici Touring Theatre bring Simon Williams’ hilarious comedy, Laying The Ghost, to the Broadbent Theatre

Tickets:£10.00 full; £9.00 concessions

21st October 7.30pm – Pentabus Theatre Company – The Wolves are Coming for You

Someone has seen a wolf. Where did they come from? How many are there? Someone must be able to do something about them. Otherwise, how will our children get to school? And how will we all get to line dancing in the village hall?

This new play from Olivier-nominated playwright Joel Horwood explores just how much wild we’re comfortable with.

Two world class actors, Stacey Evans and Helena Lymbery, perform multiple roles as they summon into being one extraordinary day in an average British village. The audience are invited on an entertaining and imaginative journey as community spirit overcomes fear.
Tickets:£10.00 full; £9.00 concessions

September 2017

28th September 7.30pm – Tangram Theatre Company -The Origin of Species

Charles Darwin is hard at work on his new book about barnacles. To boost sales, his publisher has invited you young and not so young naturalists to watch him at work. Easily distracted, Charles begins sharing his family history, songs he has written and some of his new discoveries about barnacles. However today is about to prove to be no ordinary day.
Charles receives a letter from a fellow naturalist claiming that he has come up with the idea of the origin of species, an idea Charles has been working on for 20 years. Suddenly, he must finish his book.Tickets:£10.00 full; £9.00 concessions

August 2017

2nd August -NCS Charity Gig in Aid of The Rainforest Ward at Lincoln County Hospital

National Citizens Service is a 4 week programme designed to improve the employability of young people aged 15-17. The Lincoln Two group have chosen to raise funds for the Rainforest Ward at the Lincoln County Hospital by hosted a show at the Broadbent Theatre. The Show will include a variety of Acts ranging from Music to Comedy. Tickets £6 All Classes

July 2017

20th July – The Pylons

The Pylons are a 6 piece indie-pop band from Lincoln.
Formed in 2013, the band have developed, in the words of Scouting for Girls’ Roy Stride, “warm
life-affirming indie music. Beautifully crafted melodies with heartfelt lyrics and engaging vocal
In 2014 the band made appeared on the BBC introducing stage at YNOT festival and in 2016 they
played on the prestigious BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury. Following a sold out hometown
show in January, the band took time off from playing live gigs to focus on new material which they
are excited to premiere during the summer of 2017.

30th June & 1st July – Lindsey Rural Players present “The Regina Monologues” By Rebecca Russell & Jenny Wafer
“Theatrical Digs” by Jean McConnell With kind permission of Samuel French

“The Regina Monologues”
Contains Adult Themes 18yrs+
“Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived …”
Here we have six modern women who have also married one man
Their lives are both separate from and intertwined with their Tudor sisters, they tell their stories from a room in which they all once lived
Their miscarriages, love affairs, betrayal – are portrayed with humour and pathos. And a great deal of wine
Interpolated songs by “Just Voices @ Broadbent Theatre”

“Theatrical Digs”
A farcical battle of wits, work, agents and mobile phones between a glamorous, conceited actress and an eccentric older performer.

27th May – The Professor of Adventure – Written by Peter Macqueen

“He smelt like a mountain goat, chain-smoked Woodbines and lived in a cave. Millican Dalton was a mountain guide, philosopher and self-proclaimed inventor of shorts. It’s the winter of 1941 and Millican is safe in his cave in Borrowdale, far away from the Blitz.
But the Keswick ARP warden has just ordered him to “Put that candle out!” – and the Borrowdale Hermit is far from happy… “

Saturday 13th May, 7.30PM Amici Touring Theatre present “Bouncers” by John Godber

Bouncers shows a night on the tiles from the point of view of the men on the door. It is a funny, energetic piece of highly theatrical storytelling where the men are at once themselves, and every character they happen to meet on a night at work at the nightclub.

Saturday 6th May, 7.30PM Learned Friends presented by Ginny Davis Productions

A beautifully crafted, atmospheric and truly captivating courtroom drama with echoes of Twelve Angry Men and the BBC’s Silk, lifting the shroud of secrecy surrounding the moral quandaries and machinations of a high-stakes criminal trial.

April 2017

Saturday 8th April, 7.30 PM The Whispering Road presented by SeriousKitchen

A spellbinding folk trio, including Nick Hennessey, one of the UK’s top performance storytellers, seamlessly weaves thrilling music with the vivid imagery of Scandinavian myths and stories. Fantastic family entertainment.

Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer have developed a strong reputation for a delivering great performances time and time again. Once known mainly for for their instrumental skills with Scottish smallpipes, accordion and Swedish nyckelharpa, they are now being accepted as impressive song arrangers and writers.
Vicki& Jonny effortlessly blend traditional material with contemporary interpretations whilst equally creating original self penned tunes and songs that are entirely at home in the tradition. Out of this combination they have developed a sound that is both familiar and fresh. The show content is suitable for children, 8+

March 2017

Thursday 30th, Friday 31st March and Saturday 1st April, 7.30PM
Phoenix Players present “Thirty-nine Steps”

Melodrama adapted from the 1915 novel by John Buchan and the 1935 film by Alfred Hitchcock

Saturday 18th March -Hambledon Productions Proudly Present Ray Galton and Alan Simpson’s
STEPTOE AND SON – Adapted by John Hewer

Albert and Harold; father and son. One proclaims he’s “a poor old man” while the other protests that actually he’s “a dirty old man!” In actual fact, both are telling the truth. These two warring rag-and-bone-men, in their Shepherd’s Bush scrapyard home, became household favourites for entire generations throughout the 60s and 70s and still they continue to entertain audiences today.

Now it’s time to relive some of their finest misadventures through this brand new production. Marking fifty-five years since the show’s first ever broadcast, Hambledon Productions (Hancock’s Half Hour – The Lost Episodes, Educating Rita, Just Like That! The Tommy Cooper Show) breathe life back into the Steptoe household with this faithful, fresh and hilarious adaptation of original episodes from the long-running smash hit BBC sitcom.

Features the classic episodes: Divided We Stand, Men of Letters and Come Dancing.

Friday, 3rd March 2017, 7:30 PM Blair Dunlop in Concert presented by Blair Dunlop

Son of Fairport Convention icon Ashley Hutchings, this hugely talented Radio 2 Folk Award-winning guitarist-singer performs an intimate set of popular folk songs and critically acclaimed originals.

January 2017

20th January – February 4th – Red Riding Hood – A Pantomime Presented by the Broadbent Theatre

RED RIDING HOOD as never seen before !

An original pantomime written by Blair Greenwood-Reeves and directed by Samantha Tootell and Marcus Holland, it is choc full of magic and mischief. A nefarious big bad wolf is buying up all the houses in the neighbourhood and only Red, a teeny brained geni and dame-a-licious fairy godmother can stop him and his three little pigs. Who knows, maybe the principal boy will need rescuing this year.

November 2016

11th November – Trio Gitan – “The Stephane Grapelli Story”

The STEPHANE GRAPPELLI STORY featuring the ANDY LAWRENSON TRIO have made a bold and adventurous tribute to the life and music of the great musician. With interplay between Violin, Upright Bass and Guitar, expect to hear such greats as “Minor Swing” and “Sweet Georgia Brown” from the Django Years, through to Grappelli’s unique arrangements of “ It had to be You” and “Honeysuckle Rose”. Of course Grappelli also worked with singers, so songs such as “It Don’t Mean a Thing” and “Misty” feature in the set, you may also hear some of Grappelli’s own compositions.

With sensitive, inspired arrangements, delivered with skill, spirit and plenty of banter between band members and audience, this show promises to provide a moving, enjoyable and memorable night’s entertainment which brings back echoes of a truly great Violinist and Musician.

4th November – Angus and Ross Theatre Company – “Holmes & Watson”

Before slipping into well-earned retirement, Sherlock Holmes has prevailed upon his long-time companion Dr Watson, his landlady Mrs Hudson and Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard to join him in a farewell tour of the British Isles. For the first time ever they will re-enact one of the detective’s most baffling unrecorded cases – The Case of the Prime Minister, the Floozie and the Lummock Rock Lighthouse – an affair upon whose outcome the security of Europe once hung by a thread. Shrouded in secrecy until now, this case has finally been approved by the government for public disclosure.

It is also understood that Mr Holmes has been entrusted by Her Majesty with the conveyance to the Tower of London of the fabled Satsuma Stone, stolen from the crown of William of Orange in the seventeenth century and only recently discovered in Europe. It is expected that the evening will include a glimpse of this priceless gem; in which case, one can only be thankful that Professor James Moriarty, the Napoleon of crime, fell to his death at the Reichenbach Falls. Or did he? Or is he still alive, planning another deadly strike as he lurks, unseen, in the wings…?

This is your final chance to catch Holmes and Watson as they embark on their Farewell Tour. Don’t miss them. It’s elementary!!

October 2016

20th, 21st & 22nd October – Amici Touring Theatre Company present “Comic Potential” by Alan Ayckbourn

Comic Potential by Alan Ayckbourn is a romantic sci-fi comedy. It is set in a TV studio in the foreseeable future, when low-cost androids (known as “actoids”) have largely replaced actors.

1st October – MJS Productions present “Teechers” by John Godber

Three school leavers, Salty, Hobby and Gail Saunders perform to an audience an account of their time in secondary school (given the name ‘Whitewall’ for their performance), specifically their time with Mr Jeff Nixon, the new drama teacher who ignites their passion for the stage with his idealism and belief that all children should be treated equally.

September 2016

16th & 17th September – The Wonderful Wizard of OZ – The Broadbent Youth Theatre Production
>Wonderful Wizard of Oz

July 2016

15th & 16th July – A Hearty Concert – an LRP Production

” In aid of purchasing a defibrillator for the theatre and Wickenby Village”


15th – 20th July – The Broadbent Theatre Summer School

9.30am – 3.30pm – £50 per child – Open to children 7-18 years

9th July, “Mike Reinstein” – singer songwriter

Mike Reinstein

May 2016

14th May, “Cautionary Tales for Daughters”
A rural touring production by TH Productions


Cautionary Tales for Daughters takes the audience on a musical journey to the heart of growing up, coloured with sharp humour and soul-shaking truths. Meet Cherry the Amazing YoYo Girl, an obsessive dieter caught between gluttony and vanity; Chanel The Labelled Girl, whose criminal obsession with designer clothes leads to her grisly demise; and fickle Princess Sylvia who only realises she could have had anything and anyone when it’s just too late. It’s Not OK is a heart-rending compilation of true and sometimes disturbing stories submitted by the public. The audience get to contribute their own words of caution or advice as part of the performance.
“Hilaire Belloc does Caitlin Moran” and the songs as “gut-punchingly beautiful.” Helen Rumbelow -The Times

UNDER 15’s

April 2016

15th April – “Fashionably Late” by Ginny Davies Productions
A rural touring production

Target Audience – 15+

Ruth Rich and her family are planning a joint birthday party for Dad’s 60th and Fred’s 18th when tragedy strikes. Can the party go ahead? Should it? With a Will (actually despite the Will) the family find a way to celebrate family, love and all that matters in a unique fashion.

Ginny Davis is a writer and performer who is committed to writing and performing authentic plays. She draws on personal experience, close observation and research.
Her successful series of comedic one-woman plays “The Ruth Rich Saga” are portraits of modern family featuring the Rich family: mother, father, granny and three teenage/young adult kids.
“I wasn’t the only audience member to leave ‘Fashionably Late’ feeling cheered and properly entertained. A good story, told with wit, charm and passion. Bravo!” Buxton Fringe 2014
Part of the Lincs Rural & Community Touring Programme, & made possible by funding from Lincolnshire County & District Councils & Arts Council England with the support of local volunteers

March 2016

19th March – “Shakers” – by John Godber

Shakers Broadbent A5 FINAL
Shakers Cocktail Bar is THE place to be! After work, before a club, to meet the blokes, to pick up the girls, to drink to celebrate or drown your sorrows, for birthdays and parties and romance and sin, this is the place to be seen. In ‘Shakers’ the four young waitresses reveal the lives of its staff and customers and offer an insight into their hopes, dreams and disappointments. John Godber’s sparkling writing builds on the success of his earlier ‘Bouncers’ to create a richly absorbing yet tellingly revealing modern comedy.

4th March – “The Best Thing” – Vamos Theatre

TheBestThingLadiesVamos Theatre in a co-commission with London International Mime Festival

A swinging sixties story of unconditional love from the UK’s leading full mask theatre company

It’s 1966. The record player’s on, her hair’s bobbed and eye-lashes curled: for seventeen year old Susan, life is an adventure waiting to begin. But what happens next turns everything upside down, and its repercussions will last for decades to come,

Step into the wordless world of Vamos Theatre for this bitter-sweet story of mistaken morals and broken hearts, 45s and beehives, where sexual revolution proves a hard and rocky path to tread.

Funny, heart-breaking and human, The Best Thing is the latest touring production from one of the country’s must-see theatre companies.

Suitable for ages 12+, this production is equally accessible to hearing and deaf audiences.

January 2016

22nd January – 6th February – “Monster Mash” – The Broadbent’s Legendary Panto
This years Pantomime ‘The Monster Mash’ brings you a familiar
story with a few electrifying twists.Boy meets girl becomes
Werewolf meets Mummy! The Villains sidekicks are
inseparable, literally, and our Pantomime Dame is larger than life and decidedly undead!

But do not worry, our Monsters are all bright and jolly and family
friendly! Expect all of the usual jokes, a generous dollop
of audience participation and a splattering of musical numbers
in this original Pantomime written by our very own Blair Reeves
who will also be co-directing alongside Annette Holland a
seasoned Broadbent Veteran.

panto poster FINAL

December 2015

3rd December – “He Wore a Red Hat” – New Perspectives
He Wore a Red Hat

Red Hat. Gerry Howell (photography by Pamela Raith)A festive-themed noir comedy from regional favourites New Perspectives, full of twists, turns and surprises. You’ll never look at Santa in quite the same way…
The village has formed a group of amateur detectives to help solve local crimes. But when part-time unpublished poet Joshua Rogan’s applications are repeatedly turned down, he decides to take sleuthing into his own hands.
Believing he’s one step ahead, he begins to piece together what he thinks are a series of related crimes, enlisting an intern as his put upon side-kick. But just when thinks he’s onto something, a series of parcels arrive and he’s in for a big surprise…
Join Joshua for a spot of sleuthing as he attempts to restore faith in the festive season. And maybe share a few poems. And possibly fall in love…
“New Perspectives have an unerring instinct for what will strike a chord with rural audiences.” – The Stage
“Tantilizing.” – The Financial Times

November 2015

Outside Edge13th November – Amici Touring Group present “Outside Edge”.

Amici Touring Theatre is pleased to present the hilarious comedy “Outside Edge” by Richard Harris. Ostensibly a cricketing play, it is principally about relationships. The match takes something of a back seat, as couples fall out, tempers get frayed, and Miriam simply has to know what Rodger got up to in Dorking.

The stage is set for the needle cricket match of the season against British Railways Maintenance Division, Yeading East. The wicket is being prepared, as are Miriam’s legendary teas, while Roger, her husband and team captain, attempts to assemble his best team. However, all is not well as illness, marital strife, dodgy spinning fingers and a host of other complications conspire to cause the home team problems

October 2015

30th October – “A Fistful of Spaghetti” by Hambledon Productions

The Spoof Western by John Hewer

Fistful of SpaghettiGrab your guns, put on your spurs and laugh till your O.K. Corral isn’t O.K. anymore in this sure-fire send up of the Western genre!

A FISTFUL OF SPAGHETTI makes its premiere with a non-stop tour by award-winning company Hambledon Productions (Just Like That! The Tommy Cooper Show, An Apple A Day, Educating Rita).

When the simple townsfolk of Eagle-Creek-River-Hawk-River-Creek are jeopardised by the return of the evil One-Eyed Sid, the befuddled Mayor, the under-qualified Sheriff and the crazy Old Hag round up a posse, but it’s no good; he isn’t afraid of cats… As the death toll increases, there’s only one man who can come to their rescue…. The legendary Drake Weston.

Let’s just hope he ain’t away on vacation…

Expect quick-fire puns, a whole bunch of good, bad and ugly characters and surreal slapstick in this all-out guns-blazin’, thigh-slappin’ poncho pastiche!

Breaking the Code15th, 16th, 17th October – Phoenix Players present “Breaking the Code” by Hugh Whitemore

The play tells the story of Alan Turing, a brilliant mathematician and founder of computer science. He was a key player in the breaking of the German Enigma code at Bletchley Park which helped win World War II. Meanwhile, he also “broke the code” by being unapologetically homosexual at a time when homosexuality was illegal in Great Britain. It was on Churchill’s specific instructions that Turing was given all the resources he required – and his personal behavior tolerated. However, the system eventually catches up with Alan.

Beryl3rd October – “Beryl- A Romance on Two Wheels” West Yorkshire Playhouse
Target Audience – 12+

In 2014, West Yorkshire Playhouse produced Beryl, a hugely successful play by celebrated actress Maxine Peake, based on the life of Beryl Burton, the Yorkshire woman who became a world champion cyclist in the 1960s
Five times world pursuit champion and thirteen times national champion, Beryl Burton’s accolades include former world record holder, former British record holder, an MBE and OBE.
Beryl was one of the most astonishing sports people ever to have lived – but with her down to earth, no-nonsense approach to life and to success, she remains a mystery. But not anymore. In a fascinating and truly heart-warming production (and you don’t need to know anything about cycling to enjoy it) this funny and moving show tells the story of this remarkable woman.
★★★★ The Guardian
★★★★ The Observer
★★★★ Yorkshire Post
“Maxine Peake’s affectionate sprint through her life presents Burton as true Yorkshire grit.“ – The Independent


September 2015

blackbird pic


9th, 11th and 12th September – “Blackbird” by David Harrower; an LRP Production directed by Tom Murray

Blackbird singing in the dead of night. Take up these broken wings and learn to fly. All your life. You were only waiting for this moment to arise……
Wednesday 9th, Friday 11th, Saturday 12th September. Bar and doors open from 7.


May 2015

29 May – The Merchant of Venice – Amici Touring Group

Poster 1 venue
Press Release – The Merchant of Venice


April 2015

25 April – Walking on the Roof – MsFits Theatre


10 April – Mervyn Stutter in Utterley Stutterley

2014_Utterly Stutterly


March 2015

28th March – <pOld Herbaceous [Peter Macqueen]GetAttachment


14 March – Kit Holmes Trio



A5 Playland imageFebruary 2015

28 February
PLAYLAND – New Perspectives Suitable for 16+ years. Contains strong language and descriptions of a violent and sexual nature


<width=”100″ height=”142″ />January 2015

Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates

robinson crusoe



Circus Skills Workshop 2 – Earthbound Misfits

22nd February 10.30am – 11.30am – Tickets £5
Please arrive at the theatre in good time since the workshop will start promptly. Remember to wear warm clothing and have a layer you can take off as you exercise.

Wickenby, Lincolnshire, Home of the Lindsey Rural Players